9:00-11:00AM | Apex Ambassador Pack Private Social Wednesday

This once in a lifetime experience is limited to just 24 people at each session. This exclusive social will allow you to truly experience the Ambassador Pack in a beautiful, private location in Sedona.

Participants will be in an enclosure with the Apex Ambassador Pack off-leash, allowing for more socialization and individual attention. Volunteers from Apex will also be in the enclosure helping to facilitate pack introductions and participants must follow the directions provided by Apex and their volunteers.

This opportunity will be offered only three times during Wolf Week for a total of 72 spots open for participants.

Each person will also receive a limited edition t-shirt that is only available to those who participate in a Private Pack Social.

Participants in the private social will be picked up at Poco Diablo Resort and transported to a private location. Details to be disclosed once registration is confirmed.


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