7:00-9:00PM | Film: Miracle Wolves by Alex Tello / Q&A w/ Filmmaker and Apex Ambassador Pack

Alex Tello
Director & Creator of Furthest from the Wild

Alex Tello was born and raised in Venice Beach, California. At the age of 15, Alex began acting classes all the way through college. He then decided he wanted to learn more about the technical side of filmmaking so he enrolled in an audio/video post production school. In 2002, Alex began working for Technicolor and started his 15 year post production career. In 2008 he directed his first short film “The Mustard Stain”. The short film received great reviews and was selected in several film festivals throughout the country.

After an inspirational visit to an animal sanctuary near his home, he was surprised to see this world existed and questioned, why am I only seeing this now? This experience began his journey to dedicating his life to helping animals, giving them a voice, and honoring these
beautiful sanctuaries. In 2010 he began production on his award winning feature “Furthest from the Wild”. As an independent filmmaker, it took several years to finance the film. Alex sold his home to continue filming and by 2014 the film was picked up and distributed by Vision Films. The film is available on most major streaming platforms.

Alex knew in his heart he had to continue bringing awareness of animal conservation and decided to turn the film into a docu series. In 2016, he received funding to film 3 episodes. The pilot has now been nominated for best cinematography, has won 2 awards for best short
documentary and 1 award for best environmental film. The series is now looking for a home and it will soon be available worldwide.

Furthest from the Wild

Docu Series Logline:
Logline: As the fate of mankind's spreading influence clashes with that of the raw and often unforgiving animal kingdom, we find ourselves at the frontlines of a dramatic struggle where the animals desperately call for help. Thankfully there are those that fight to give sanctuary to the afflicted and in doing so we see first hand the powerful stories of the ones Furthest from the Wild.

The Miracle Wolves Synopsis:
The Miracle Wolves pilot episode, follows Keepers of the Wild from Valentine AZ, on a long journey to help rescue 4 wolves who survived one of the worst forest fires in Northern California history. The wild wolves must be captured, given medical attention, and evacuated before the forest around them comes down.

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