Jodi Habush-Sinykin

Environmental Attorney

With degrees from Harvard Law School and the University of Michigan, Jodi is in private practice at HS Environmental Law and has concentrated her law practice on environmental and animal welfare matters. As a water policy expert retained by Midwest Environmental Advocates, Jodi has served on a variety of high-profile state advisory committees and was closely involved in the strategic development, legislative drafting and enactment of the Great Lakes Water Resources Compact in Wisconsin, along with other environmental legislation and administrative rules pertaining to groundwater protection, sustainable water resources, and Great Lakes conservation.  Jodi also worked in close collaboration with state humane societies and legislators to enact Wisconsin Act 90, the “Puppy Mill Bill” passed in December of 2009 to regulate Wisconsin breeding facilities and target sub-standard conditions.  In 2011, Jodi filed suit against the Wisconsin DNR and Natural Resources Board on behalf of Wisconsin Federated Humane Societies, conservation organizations, and individual plaintiffs for violations of state law arising from Wisconsin’s wolf hunting statute. Jodi continues to work with a collaboration of wildlife biologists, environmental organizations, wildlife advocates, and conservationists to advance science-based, ethical wildlife policies in keeping with public trust principles, including her current tenure on Wisconsin DNR’s Wolf Management Plan Advisory Committee.

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