Mike Schroeder

I started flying for business in 1986, and have accumulated over 3000 hours in the air in multiple types of aircraft Including jet. 

I purchased the King Air in 2015 for personal and family use, and quickly got into volunteering to fly post 911 veterans around the west for various reasons. Sone medical, family and other activities to cope with PTS. 

I also was introduced to Lighthawk who provides flight services through voluteer pilots with various types of aircraft based on the mission to a multitude of organizations. 

I focus mostly on transport of endangered species or people. Smaller aircraft are used for low altitude photo missions where an open window or the removal of a door is required. 

I am based in Sedona and one of the most fun programs is to move these little Mexican Grey wolves to wild dens in Eastern Arizona.  I have done multiple flights and they all have been a joy.

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