Erin Hunt

Coordinator, Lobos of the Southwest

Erin Hunt has worked with critically endangered Mexican gray wolves for 15 years. Prior to joining the staff of Lobos of the Southwest, she helped manage a conservation facility that was one of the largest participants in the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP), the captive breeding program for Mexican wolves, serving on the Management Group for the SSP and helping with education and outreach, animal care, fundraising, and staff management. In addition to her work at the conservation facility, she also managed a fund dedicated to reducing wolf-livestock conflict, protecting wild Mexican wolves and supporting the communities where wolves are returning through proactive, non-lethal solutions.

Erin has been a member of Lobos of the Southwest since 2015, but becoming Coordinator for Lobos of the Southwest in Fall 2020 offered an exciting opportunity to continue supporting Mexican wolf recovery through outreach and advocacy. Erin grew up in Southern California with a passion for animals and nature and now lives in San Diego, CA with her adventure-loving dog. Working with wolves, and the people living with them, is a way for her to give back to an interconnected global community, helping people, animals, and the environment along the way.

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