Dr. Maureen Hackett

Dr. Maureen Hackett is a physician and professor who specializes in Psychiatry with a focus on forensics (legal issues). Dr. Hackett founded the advocacy group Howling For Wolves in 2012 to educate the public and policy makers about the benefits of a viable wolf population within the forest ecosystem.

She has worked for the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services, and taught at William Mitchell College of Law, Mayo Medical School, and University of Minnesota medical students. In 2003, Dr. Hackett developed and successfully lobbied the MN legislature to pass a law that removed tobacco from Minnesota's state hospital grounds. Dr. Hackett's published law review on this topic has served other states in their work to remove tobacco from their state-operated hospitals for patients with mental illness and addictions.

Dr. Hackett's life-long interest in wildlife and environmental problems have shaped much of her work within and outside of medicine including political advocacy and volunteering for people and wildlife. Minnesota's wildlife - especially the Northwoods - has captured her heart.

When Minnesota's wolf hunting and trapping season was rushed through politically in 2012, Dr. Hackett found the process was captured by special interest groups and the public input was virtually ignored. She founded the non-profit organization Howling For Wolves in March of 2012 with a purpose of  protecting Minnesota wolves and giving the majority of Minnesotans a voice in this issue.  Dr. Hackett lives with her husband and daughter in the Twin Cities area and she continues to practice and teach at a major medical center in Minneapolis.

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