Jean Michel Bertrand

Born in 1959 in the French Alps, Jean Michel Bertrand started his professional career at the age of 16, alternating jobs as a ski instructor and as a “tree planter” for the French National Office of Forests. 

An early environmentalist, his love of nature would send him to the four corners of the globe. Fascinated with filmmaking, he shoots his first feature length project in Iceland. The film is awarded First Prize at Grands Voyageurs Film Festival of Super Dévoluy. 

In Belfast and Dublin, he bears witness to street kids’ hardships as they survive by breeding horses. Leaving behind this urban jungle, Jean Michel escapes to the world of Mongolian nomads. During one year he follows their age old wanderings. Then his travels take him to China, Canada and Siberia.

Back in France, the filmmaker commits to a more personal project. During five years he goes on a quest for the golden eagle, a predator he’s been fascinated with since childhood. In 2010 “Vertige d’une rencontre”, a feature film documenting this quest is released and receives numerous awards worldwide.

After having taken an active interest in the eagle, Jean Michel Bertrand sets himself on a wolf quest. After having spent three years in total immersion in the territory of a pack of wolves in the Alps, his film “Valley of the Wolves” is released theatrically in 2017. Another huge success crowned with many awards.

In his new film “Wolf Walk” released in 2020, he explores wolf yearlings’ dispersion. A creative documentary as much as a philosophical and militant road movie, the film was met with success and the filmmaker continues to travel with it and to connect with his audience through France, Europe and the rest of the world. Jean Michel Bertrand is currently working on a new wolf film project, which will be focused on coexistence between humans and predators - the third chapter of an unforgettable wolf trilogy.

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