Laurie McConnell

Laurie McConnell is the Director of Community & Systems at Pacific Wild, and Wolf Campaigner. Pacific Wild's wolf campaign has two major points of focus: ending the unlawful aerial gunning program ('wolf cull') through a legal action undertaken against the British Columbia government, and joining Cheryl Alexander's (Takaya's Legacy Project) call for a moratorium on recreational/sport and trophy hunting of wolves in B.C. until ethical and scientific concerns are addressed and the broad general public of British Columbians who want an end to sport hunting of wolves are represented on the committee responsible for wolf management decisions. Laurie also manages a 3400+ member closed social network of wolf defenders from around the world at She has been working with Pacific Wild for four years, and comes from a background in community building and communications.

Pacific Wild will debut a short documentary on the challenging landscape facing both coastal sea wolves and interior grey wolves in British Columbia, our legal case, the people working to protect wolves with Pacific Wild, examples of peaceful co-existence with these apex predators in populated areas, and bold next steps in protecting both endangered caribou and apex predators in the province's interior where much of the conflict exists.

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