Kirsten Korot

Kirsten Korot, Founder of Nature Nurture Experiences™,  is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Guided Imagery Master from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Reiki Practitioner and continues to educate herself on new modalities and implement the latest techniques and sound healing instruments into her work. 

Kirsten uses carefully chosen instruments such as 432 hz Crystal Quartz Singing bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Ocean Drum, Chimes and other sound healing instruments that promote deep healing. 

The frequencies allow the brain to get into a THETA state of relaxation where the body can restore and activate its own self-healing mechanisms on a cellular level.

Your brain is like a human computer and when you have a lot of tabs open all at the same time, eventually, over time, your system needs a reboot. When you finally allow your system to re-calibrate, what happens? It comes back faster, fresher and clearer. Sound bath meditation is like a reboot for your internal computer that relaxes mind, body and spirit all at once at a cellular level.

This practice itself gives us not only a chance to relax and contemplate but also results in many health benefits, just to name a few:

- boosting the immune system
- releasing endorphins
- pain reduction
- helping with insomnia
- lowering stress and anxiety
- slowing down and normalizing breathing patterns
- heart rate
- relaxing muscles
- generating more self-acceptance
- self-awareness, compassion, and love

Blend the healing aspects of the sound bath with the health benefits of being in nature and you have a Nature Nurture Experience™ that leaves you feeling completely refreshed and balanced. 

“The first time I experienced Kirsten’s sound bath, I was absolutely blown away. I’m not a huge “meditator”. I have a really hard time clearing my mind of chatter. The sound is so magnificent, it vibrates throughout your body, calms your brain and puts you in a state of peace. You can actually feel it working and it truly leaves you feeling different in your body. That’s when I realized what an important healing mechanism it is and I wanted to make it available at Apex not just for people, but for our pack as well. Kirsten is a gifted practitioner and healer. Coming from a musical background, she takes you on a beautiful journey with the sound along with her healing abilities.” – Paula Ficara, co-founder and ED of Apex Protection Project, co-founder of Sedona Wolf Week

To learn more about Kirsten and to attend a Nature Nurture™ experience from Apex Protection Project, click HERE or email
Kirsten directly at

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