Jessica Oddo

Jessica Oddo is a fifth generation family rancher.  Their family ranch is one of the few operations left in California that can trail cattle without the use of trucks because of a continuous open landscape maintained by private ranches, private timber ground, BLM, and Forest Service agencies.  Their cattle herd can go from the homestead to the base of Mt. Shasta without coming in sight of a house or crossing a paved road (roughly 45miles).   Late spring as the snow melts, the cattle migrate to the base of Mt. Shasta for the summer with little assistance; then naturally migrate back to the historic homestead for the winter. 

Jessica received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from CSU, Chico and her Master's of Science in Nursing from Gonzaga.  She works part-time as an urgent care nurse practitioner but her passion remains in family based regenerative agriculture.  Most of her time is spent working the family ranch which includes a range steward program that consists of increased human presence and developing an eye for subtle changes in the livestock and landscape that may warn of impending predator-livestock conflict and building a direct sale meat business.  Since her undertaking in transitioning sales of the family beef from open aution on hoof to “range to table” one thing has become clear, the success of sustainable agriculture depends on the conscious consumer.  The key ingredient for conscious consumption is knowledge.  

Some of her favorite consumer resources are: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, Omnivore’s Dilemma & In Defense Of Food by Michael Pollan, and Food From The Radical Center by Gary Paul Nabhon.

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