Dave and Amy Unterreiner

We are Dave and Amy Unterreiner, and we live in Evergreen, Colorado. We have always been environmental enthusiasts. Amy grew up riding horses and Dave played sports and started a career rafting down Colorado rivers. We have both developed an insurmountable feeling that we were losing the environment around us. Our news is overtaken by negative environmental stories - ranging from the Amazon burning to plastic waste in the oceans and irreparable land degradation. We felt useless and like there was a lot of talk, but very little action to make a difference. 

One day, Amy found Zero Waste Home, by Bea Johnson in a used bookstore and thus embarked on a lifestyle change that inspired both of us. It’s been three years in a zero-waste lifestyle and now we are motivated more than ever to help everyone make positive changes for their day to day lives. The changes in individual lifestyles will trickle out to major long-lasting environmental effects. It all starts with small actions, like living as an educated consumer and buying products that embody the change in life we want for the future. 

Our goal with Sedona Wolf Week and Working Circle is to help in the education of consumers and broaden awareness of sustainable ranching practices for environmental longevity and health. 

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