Susan Strauss

Author, and Storyteller
Wolf Stories:  Myths & True Life Tales From Around The World

Susan Strauss is a storyteller, visiting children's author, natural history author, keynote speaker, creator of The Passionate Fact Interpretive Training Workshop (TM) on Storytelling Science, Natural History & Cultural Information, an environmental educator, natural history interpreter and eurythmist.

"No teller embodies the animals with the same fierce aliveness as Susan!"
Dr. Linda Sussman, Author of The Speech of the Grail

Stories include: The Wolf's Eyelashes (Japan), She Who Lived With Wolves (Lakota), Skoll & Hati (Norse), Spako, The Wolf Goddess (Persia), The Wolf & The Firebird (Russia), Skidi Pawnee Creation. Contributing biological anecdotes from Dr. David Mech, Bob Ream and Jack Laufer

Companion CD follows the book precisely with introduction and dramatic, storytelling presentation of the collected stories.

50% proceeds go to Center for Biological Diversity Predator Fund  


  • Hardback Book & CD:  $24.00
  • Hardback Book only:    $12.00
  • Companion CD only:    $15.00

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