Salome Pitschen

Bio-Filmography Director / Producer Salome Pitschen

Born 1966 in Basel, lives since 1985 in Zurich. Studied architecture at the ETH Zurich 1985-
87. 1995: Master in Cinema Studies, German and Art History at the University of Zurich. Since 1986 Super8 and Video experiments. First short films in 16mm at NYU summer school, 1991. 1995-97 production and editing assistant of Holly Fisher, NY, and Peter Mettler, Toronto. After the editing assistance for „Ein Zufall im Paradies“ (1998) by Matthias von Gunten she works since 2000 as an editor of cinema documentaries. 2001 director’s assistant and editor of „Venus Boyz“ (Gabriel Baur). 2003 she founds her own production company Settebello Film: Development and production of documentaries that touch the heart. The company specialises in socially engaged topics, portraying people, animals and nature in a sensitive, authentic and poetic way. 2016 she turns her company into a GmbH. Since 2003 she works as a director, producer and editor of cinema documentaries:

1998 „Letter to the Unconscious“, 16mm, 6’ (dir, prod, editor)
2002: „Oui!“ – 24 Stunden oder ein ganzes Leben? 14' (director, editor)
2006: „mittendrin – 5 Frauen, 5 Jahreszeiten“, 89’ (dir, prod, editor)
2010: „Waetterschmoecker“ („Weather Gazers“) by Thomas Horat, 98’ (producer, editor)
2013 „Alpsummer“ by Thomas Horat, award winning doc, 89’ (producer, camera, editor)
2018 „Being with Animals“ 91’ (director, producer, editor)
2019 „Die Rückkehr der Wölfe“ (Wolves Return) by Thomas Horat, 90’ (producer)
2020 „Mit Tieren sprechen“ (Being with Animals) , 50’ TV version (dir., producer, editor)

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