Cheryl Alexander

Cheryl Alexander is a conservation photographer and amateur naturalist living on the edge of the Salish Sea where she makes her life with her partner Dr. David Green (scientist / entrepreneur), three grown daughters and their partners, and three precious grandchildren. She has lived and worked in the Maritimes, Fiji and Egypt as well as onboard their sailboat ‘Aries’ in the Caribbean, Cuba, Panama & Colombia. In her ‘previous life’ she worked as an environmental educator, consultant and facilitator for over 35 years. After teaching Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, Cheryl’s consulting work focused primarily on policy and program development with a specialty in stakeholder involvement and consultation in environmental decision-making. Cheryl currently works worldwide to ensure protection of wilderness and wildlife. Her past projects have included protection of the Wild Coast in South Africa and a more local initiative proposing the Salish Sea as a World Heritage site.

Her photographs have been published in magazines and journals around the world. 


Through visual documentation and storytelling, Cheryl strives to inspire passion and action that
will protect the imperiled wild places on earth for future generations. Her photography explores
relationship and encompasses both the natural and human landscapes. She focuses on increasing
awareness of the natural world and encouraging a sustainable human relationship with the earth.

For over five years Cheryl has observed and documented the lone wild wolf that lives on the
islands of Tl’ches (Discovery, Chatham and Oak Bay Ecological Reserve Islands) in the Salish
Sea. She has just completed the production of a film about this called Takaya: Lone Wolf that
was commissioned by BBC’s Storyville, CBC’s The Nature of Things and ARTE (a French-
German European network) and will be aired by the networks in the Fall 2019. She is currently
working on a book about the life of Takaya and her experiences filming and documenting him.

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