Karin Vardaman

Karin Vardaman Working Circle Initiative 

From Laguna Beach, California, Karin now resides in Indian Hills, Colorado.  Karin has over 30 years experience in non-profit leadership, wildlife conservation, and environmental education. She began her career as the Director of Animal Care and Operations for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center before joining the Ocean Institute in Dana Point in 1989. As a senior director, her work focused on marine conservation and maritime education. 

In 2011, Karin joined the California Wolf Center working in animal husbandry, education, and the Mexican Wolf project. In 2014 Karin became the Center’s Director of California Wolf Recovery, participating as a member of the California Wolf Management Stakeholder Working Group. Her on-the-ground efforts focused on working within the livestock community to co-implement long-term strategies for reducing wolf-livestock conflict. This led to the founding of the Working Circle Proactive Stewardship Program, now known under Defenders as the Working Circle Initiative.  


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