Maggie Howell

Maggie Howell is the Executive Director at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. Before joining the WCC in 2005, Maggie worked in the jungles of Wall Street for a few years before moving out West to begin her career in wildlife conservation. She has served as coordinator of the Northeast Wolf Coalition. She has a degree in Biology from Vassar, with a focus on Animal Behavior and Ecology.

Saving a Species – Recovering the Worlds Most Endangered Wolves

The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) participates in the federal Species Survival Plan (SSP) and Recovery program for the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf and red wolf. Both species were at one time extinct in the wild.  WCC Executive Director Maggie Howell will discuss the current status of both species, and introduce the Center’s work to save them, including captive breeding, captive-to-wild release efforts, the husbandry challenge of caring for animals that are rarely seen, and the reward of restoring wolves to their rightful place in the wild.

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