Maggie Howell

Maggie Howell, Executive Director, has worked at the Wolf Conservation Center since 2005, starting as the WCC's Managing Director and taking the helm as Executive Director in 2013. She continues to lead the WCC's education and advocacy initiatives and be the main voice of the WCC. Maggie's interest and experience with wildlife run deep. Growing up in New York City, Maggie visited her local veterinarian more often than her pediatrician, routinely bringing in injured city "wildlife" she had rescued.

She continued her studies more formally at Vassar, earning a degree in Biology, focusing on Animal Behavior and ecology. After a several years working in the jungles of Wall Street, her passion for natural wildlife led her to Washington State, where she began working with big cats. Maggie soon expanded her experience to other predators working closely not only with big cats, but also with wolves, bears, and hyenas.

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