Oliver Starr

Wolf Activist

Presentation: “The Human Side of Wolves”

Oliver Starr is a galvanizing independent community organizer and a powerful voice for wolves.  

The grandson of a well-known Colorado cattle-grower, and a lifelong wolf advocate, Oliver became fascinated with wolves at a young age and has devoted a huge portion of his life to understanding and advocating for this misunderstood species. 

With over two decades of hands on experience with wolves, Oliver, accompanied by his ambassador wolf, Aqutaq, leverages his deep relationship with a socialized wolf to let people see their true nature.  Together they have appeared in films and books and been quiet, behind-the-scenes support for numerous wolf-related Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects, including “The Last Pack”, “Medicine of the Wolf”, “OR-7 The Journey” (where Oliver addresses wolf issues several times in the film) and the beautifully illustrated book and companion website “An Alphabet Journey” by Hajra Meeks featuring numerous works of art based upon Aqutaq.

Oliver has also traveled the country to lend his voice to wolves.  From the contentious hearing in Pine Top Arizona (where Oliver was nearly assaulted after his powerful but contentious address to the USFWS panel) to his most recent attendance at the WDFW Huckleberry Pack Depredation Hearing in Pasco, Washington, where he was one of only two wolf advocates in attendance.

Oliver is a highly polished public speaker with extensive knowledge with respect to wolves and their relationship to the environment.  He is also a social media authority, one of the very first professional bloggers, and the product manager for an international technology company.  He lives in the high sierra with his wife, Thanya, Aqutaq the ambassador wolf, and his best friend an enormous Wooly Malamute named Bixby.

About Aqutaq:  Aqutaq is a captive bred and socialized artic-type wolf.  She is an extraordinary example of the real nature of a wolf, a curious but intensely shy creature that forms the strongest of bonds with those she knows.  Her unique ability to run freely while remaining with her “pack” allows us to produce video and conduct real world technology testing unlike anyone else in the world. 

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