KC York

KC York – Founder/Executive Director
Trap Free Montana, Inc.            

KC has loved and been involved with animals her whole life.

She combines her understanding and deep appreciation for animals, her rescues, experience as a Veterinarian assistant, service on boards of various animal NGOs, and her formal education in wildlife biology and psychology, to further her lifelong animal advocacy. Growing up with parents that during the harshness of the depression, ranched, hunted, and trapped, as well as those that saved animals, provided her various perspectives. They were unequivocally in unison; trapping is very cruel and unnecessary.

For over a decade in Montana, KC has fought against the secreted horrors of trapping. To facilitate a 2014 ballot initiative, KC quickly formed Trap Free Montana Public Lands (TFMPL). Given the public's enthusiasm, shortage of time was a detrimental factor. In 2016, this led to Trap Free Montana, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. 

Trap Free Montana educates the public about the truths in trapping and promotes science-based respectful coexistence. TFMPL continued focusing on trapping reform and partnered in the creation of two bills in the 2019 legislature. Trap Free Montana has "End the Suffering" billboards of a dying trapped wolf and other trapping related billboards along major highways in Montana. We are incredibly grateful to Plan B to Save Wolves for their two-year sponsorship towards our Gallatin Gateway billboard, the closest available billboard to Yellowstone.  


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