Sedona Wolf Week 2020! #GoingGlobal

The Sedona Wolf Week 2020 schedule was packed with presentations from a huge variety of speakers. For Apex Protection Project and Plan B to Save Wolves, education is our top priority. We offer these presentations so everyone can attend and learn. These are all now available on our YouTube Channel.

Please know, donations are much appreciated. When you donate, you help cover expenses associated with the event, allowing us to fund education, advocacy, rescue, transport, medical, enrichment, and food for wolf dogs and wolves all over the country. Please Donate Here.

Apex Protection Project - On site with the Ambassador Pack!

Join Steve, Paula and the pack at their sanctuary in CA for fun and educational virtual visits. Apex Protection Project, a Los Angeles based 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was created in 2015 to save the wolf species through education, rescue and advocacy. Co-Founders Paula Ficara and Steve Wastell are the driving force behind this mission, and their approach to advocacy has been shaped by the unique experiences that lead them to dedicating their lives to this service.

Film: Wolves Return

Followed by live Q&A with Thomas Horat/Director,  Salome Pitschen/Producer, and Shannon Barber-Meyer who holds a Ph.D. in wildlife conservation, moderated by Betsy Klein, Plan B to Save Wolves.

The wolf polarizes and fascinates, and it brings disorder into our system. 150 years after the wolf was wiped out in Central Europe, it is inexorably conquering its place. Are wolves dangerous to humans? Is a living together possible? The wolf splits the opinions and his return revives the rejection of humans. Starting from the return of the wolves to Switzerland, we are looking for clues to Austria, Lusatia, Poland, Bulgaria and Minnesota, where free-living wolf packs are not uncommon. The wolf is back and brings disorder in our system. Is living with predators possible?


Apex Protection Project - On site with the Ambassador Pack!

Neo is a high content wolfdog that needed help this year 2020. We had just lost Merlin to old age and although it was a very sad time it opened up an enclosure so we could help save another life. It was hard at first to see someone else in Mers enclosure but Neo is an angel and we are sure that Merlin would aprove. Here is his story so far.

Film: Takaya: Lone Wolf Q&A

Meet filmmaker Cheryl Alexander for live Q&A, moderated by Paula Ficara, Co-Founder Apex Protection Project, immediately following the film.


Apex Protection Project - On site with the Ambassador Pack!

"When They Were Tadpoles" is a video made from never-before-seen footage of the raising of 2 rescued wolfdog puppies Thor and Loki from three and half weeks old. Here at apex we never raised puppies because most of our rescues are full-grown when we rescue them and some need significant rehab, that's what we are used to, but puppies, oh boy!

Wolves in the Pacific West by Amaroq Weiss / Center for Biological Diversity

Wolves in the Pacific West are at a crossroads. Once exterminated throughout almost the entire lower 48 United States, they have returned in places like Oregon, Washington and California. And in southeastern coastal Alaska, wolves inhabit portions of the Tongass National Forest. But what happens in the coming years will determine whether these populations thrive or not. This presentation will cover the current status of these wolf populations and political state of affairs affecting their recovery and survival.

Saving a Species – Recovering the Worlds Most Endangered Wolves by Maggie Howell / Wolf Conservation Center

No other North American mammal inspires such a wide range of human emotions as the gray wolf. Feared and admired, cursed and revered, wolves are the stuff of legends and a symbol of America’s vanishing wilderness. Their reputation is larger than life; their role in the restoration of America’s wildlife heritage is bigger still. The passionate positive and negative responses that wolves inspire in people have left the issue of their recovery both contentious and undecided, but also full of promise.


Betsy Klein / Plan B to Save Wolves Interviewed by Glenn Scarpelli

A lively interview with Glenn Scarpelli and Betsy Klein as they talk rescues, lessons learned, and what the future holds. They will explore the social impact of words and actions and, ultimately, their effect on others. 

Outside the Park by Carter Niemeyer

Carter reviews the issues with wolves today in the Northern Rockies that live outside the protection of Yellowstone National Park and where advocacy is needed most.

Apex Protection Project - On site with the Ambassador Pack!

Join Steve, Paula and the pack at their sanctuary in CA for fun and educational virtual visits, feeding On site with the Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack! - Sedona Wolf Week 2020

Film: The Coyote-Yellowstone's Underdog Q&A

Meet filmmaker Bob Landis for live Q&A, moderatedby Paula Ficara and Steve Wastell of Apex Protection Project , immediately following the film.


Apex Protection Project - On site with the Ambassador Pack!

Hiking with the Apex Ambassador Pack - Sedona Wolf Week 2020

WORKSHOP: Ready. Set. Advocate.
Advocacy Workshop - Ken Ferber

Ken Ferber, founder, and CEO of Trueify, LLC, will lead an advocacy workshop, and it is open to ALL nonprofits and their representatives at NO charge. Nonprofits will be asked to submit their IRS Letter of Determination after they register for the workshop. For individuals not representing a nonprofit there is an $88 fee.

This program is an intensive program with interactive sessions and audience participation. Participants will receive the tools needed to become effective advocates to use as well as to teach their respective teams.


Ending Wildlife Killing Contests in the U.S. by Jill Fritz / Humane Society of the United States and Camilla Fox, Project Coyote

Jill Fritz will share information about investigations by the Humane Society of the United States into wildlife killing contests, in which participants compete for cash and prizes for killing the most, the heaviest, or even the smallest coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and many other species. Then Camilla Fox, founder and Executive Director of Project Coyote, will discuss the work of her organization to end these gruesome and unsporting competitions, and Project Coyote’s partnership with the HSUS by forming the National Coalition to End Wildlife Killing Contests.

Content warning: This presentation includes graphic images and footage from wildlife killing contests.

Wolf Stories: Myths & True Life Tales from Around the World by Susan Strauss / Storyteller

Positive wolf myths and fairy tales from ancient world cultures is collected along with anecdotes from wolf biologists to reveal an archetypal portrait of the wolf which is at once biological and spiritual. In these myths, which pre-date Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf is a noble, intelligent and family oriented animal — frequently acting as a spirit guide to lead the protagonist beyond their limited imaginations of their own strength and capacity. As a predator, the mythic wolf is never a threat to human kind, but restores balance.

Stories include: The Wolf's Eyelashes (Japan), She Who Lived With Wolves (Lakota), Skoll & Hati (Norse), Spako, The Wolf Goddess (Persia), The Wolf & The Firebird (Russia), Skidi Pawnee Creation. Contributing biological anecdotes from Dr. David Mech, Bob Ream and Jack Laufer.

Companion CD follows the book precisely with introduction and dramatic, storytelling presentation of the collected stories. 50% proceeds go to Center for Biological Diversity Predator Fund

To Order Click Here

  • Hardback Book & CD: $24.00
  • Hardback Book only: $12.00
  • Companion CD only: $15.00

Happy Hour with Doug Smith, Rick McIntyre, Carter Niemeyer and Moderator / Interviewer - Kim Bean

An evening of history, banter, stories and more as legends Doug Smith, Rick McIntyre and Carter Niemeyer come together as never before. Moderated by Kim Bean, live Q&A from the audience, games, prizes and more.

Apex Protection Project - On site with the Ambassador Pack!

Bette : Working with Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack - Sedona Wolf Week 2020

Co-Exist, Compassionate Consumer,
Ways to Live to Benefit Wildlife

Compassion, collaboration, co-existence and connection is what will help us succeed in providing a better planet for all things wild. Learn from various speakers today things you can do to help wolves and wildlife.


The Wolf Lovers Guide to Changing the World: Every Day Actions to Help Protect Wild Wolves with Stephanie Feldstein and Jennifer Molidor / Center for Biological Diversity

This session will discuss how everyday choices affect wolves and provide actions wolf advocates can take in their own lives to support a more sustainable and ecologically-friendly relationship between humans and wildlife. Stephanie and Jennifer will present concrete steps that consider the way we talk about wolves, conscious consumerism, coexistence and waste, public lands policies, sustainable ranching initiatives, and how our diets, fashion and lifestyle choices can reflect our advocacy for wolves.

Click here to purchase Stephanie's book The Animal Lover's Guide to Changing the World where you can choose which bookseller to purchase from.

Predator Proof Pen Build by Fred Hull / Mountain Lion Foundation

Fred Hull serves as staff counsel and tech support at the Mountain Lion Foundation. But what really gets him excited is the opportunity to get out in the field to help save lions. He has many years of experience building pens and enclosures to protect pets and livestock from mountain lions and other predators. From his experience, the Mountain Lion Foundation has evolved an inexpensive pen that can be put together in just two hours using locally sourced materials and which easily adapts to various types of livestock and predators.

There will be a “hand’s on” opportunity to see a pen be assembled and to discuss material choices and options as they relate to different predators.

Working Circle, Defenders of Wildlife with Karin Vardaman, Jessica Oddo, Hilary Anderson, and Amy Unterreiner

Featuring panelists discussing co-existence and how you can support ranchers who care with your wallet.


Zero Waste with Amy and Dave

Dave and Amy Unterreiner are environment loving enthusiasts that want to create sustainable, educated consumer practices to help our communities and the future of our planet. They have worked the zero waste lifestyle up, down, and all around. Join us as these they share how they were inspired by wolves and the trials and successes of reducing waste in our everyday lives. You will be moved to take action by their passion for spreading the cause and practice of mindful living for the future.

An evening with Rick McIntyre
Presenting the Rise of Wolf 8 Introduction

Join us for an evening with Rick McIntyre as he presents his two wolf books: The Rise of Wolf 8 and The Reign of Wolf 21.  Rick will read excerpts from the book and answer questions from guests.

The Reign of Wolf 21 will be available on 9/29, prior to wolf week and both books are available on Amazon. However, if you purchase the books here through wolf week, the books will be autographed by Rick and shipped directly to you.

Kids Program with Apex Ambassador Pack

Kids learn about wolves in this family friendly interactive presentation. Just one of the school and kids presentations that Apex Protection Project does. We have presentations for all ages. Usually, we give them live at your school but since COVID it's all virtual. This presentation was done for kids day at Sedona Wolf Week 2020.

Wildlife Warriors - Women Advocating for Wildlife
Celebrating the Legacy of Women Wildlife Warriors As We Create Future Advocates

We are excited to announce this roundtable of fierce wildlife warriors moderated by Amaroq Weiss, Center for Biological Diversity. Panelists include:

Around the globe, women are often at the forefront of wildlife conservation efforts. Acting mainly as unsung heroes, they are among the fiercest protectors of the natural environment. They battle unfathomable atrocities such as killing contests, yote whacking, and the mass genocide of wolves, grizzly bears, and other keystone species. They fiercely stand against powerful entities attempting to dismantle the Endangered Species Act for the sake of special interests. And these women bravely do all of this and more while encountering threats to themselves and those they love. Join us as we celebrate and learn from these "forces to be reckoned with" in this powerful program.

The Story of Boo, The Tale of a True Ambassador
Apex Protection Project

Taboo was Paula and Steve's first rescue way before Apex was even started. "She taught us everything and she also compleatly changed the course of our lives. She was the true founder of Apex. We would not be here doing what we do if it wasn't for Taboo." This is a tribute to her amazing life and the story of how she touch so many hearts.

Happy Hour and Presentation of Award

Happy Hour with Music by Thunder 'n Lightin, final bidding on silent auction items, presentation of the Susan Weidel Tribute Award to the 2020 recipient and more. Closing message from Apex Protection Project and Plan B to Save Wolves.


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