Film: Wolves Return

Tuesday, November 10th: 12:30 - 3:00 pm Pacific 

This event will be held online. The link will be provided to all registrants a few days prior to the event.

With your purchase, you will also receive a link to watch all the free programming offered throughout Wolf Week. The free programming is a different Facebook page and a different link, all accessible even if you do not have a Facebook account.

Followed by live Q&A with Thomas Horat/Director,  Salome Pitschen/Producer, and Shannon Barber-Meyer who holds a Ph.D. in wildlife conservation, moderated by Betsy Klein, Plan B to Save Wolves.

The wolf polarizes and fascinates, and it brings disorder into our system. 150 years after the wolf was wiped out in Central Europe, it is inexorably conquering its place. Are wolves dangerous to humans? Is a living together possible? The wolf splits the opinions and his return revives the rejection of humans. Starting from the return of the wolves to Switzerland, we are looking for clues to Austria, Lusatia, Poland, Bulgaria and Minnesota, where free-living wolf packs are not uncommon. The wolf is back and brings disorder in our system. Is living with predators possible?

Trailer "Wolves Return", english version from Salome Pitschen on Vimeo.

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