Ready. Set. Advocate! Advocacy Workshop

Ken Ferber, founder, and CEO of Trueify, LLC, will lead an advocacy workshop, and it is open to ALL nonprofits, their constituents, and other individuals at NO charge. Nonprofits will be asked to submit their IRS Letter of Determination after they register for the workshop.

This program is an intensive program with interactive sessions and audience participation. Participants will receive the tools needed to become effective advocates to use as well as to teach their respective teams.

Additionally, Ken will be available for a private consultation throughout the week. Private consultations will require a minimum donation to Sedona Wolf Week of $150 for organizations and $95 for individuals. Ken will give you individual attention, guidance, feedback, and customized solutions for your specific campaign and organization. More details below, please contact to book your private consultation.

The Advocacy Workshop syllabus will include:

• Advocacy 101 Overview 

• Branding Exercise:  It begins with a detailed presentation on branding your organization and branding yourself, which is critical to any advocacy efforts. Followed by a deeper dive into how to develop messaging, which will include examples. Participants would then break into groups of three and given an example of an advocacy campaign. Each group would then make protest signs (materials provided) to see how they get their core message communicated with the sign. Groups would share their signs for audience discussion.

• Creating a Campaign:  Participants will break out into groups and each will receive a specific function. For example, one could be social media, another a legislative meeting, the third could be messaging, and the fourth measurement. A situation will be presented for which an advocacy campaign is going to be necessary. The groups will have the responsibility to come up with their solution about how they handle their role in that campaign. Each group will give a short presentation on their assignment. Discussion, audience participation, and interaction will follow.

• Why do Campaigns fail?  This session would review the 2020 election and how the campaigns were executed, specifically targeting branding and messaging. In a visual PowerPoint, Ken will examine several campaigns on various levels and bring his insights from years of experience – particularly why campaigns fail – with audience discussion and questions.

• Mock Legislative Meeting:  During this session, mock legislative meetings will play out where participants would meet with a legislator who is in favor of your position, another who is neutral, and one who is against your position. Volunteers from the audience would draw from a hat which will determine which legislative attitude they face during the mock session.

• The Importance of Bandwagoning:  Learn how to identify an issue that is already in the public view and attach your campaign and organization to it. In this session, several examples are provided by giving people situations or positions and ask them how they could bandwagon and what would they say to leverage the connection.

Audience participation, discussion, and interaction are encouraged throughout the session.

Private Consultations with Ken Ferber - Minimum Donation Required

Ken will offer private consultations throughout Sedona Wolf Week. Each consultation will be two (2) hours long.

Organizations can bring to Ken current campaigns, upcoming campaigns, review marketing, and PR plans, discuss branding and messaging, help you find your organization’s core competitive value and more.

Each private consultation is a minimum donation of $150 for an organization (two or more) and $95 for an individual (one on one with Ken). Donations may be tax-deductible. The consultation can take place at Poco Diablo Resort or at the location of the nonprofit.

Below is a potential list of topics for discussion. Please narrow the focus of your private consultation to three topics.

• Is your branding who you really are?

• Finding your unique, core, compelling, competitive value

• It’s the message, stupid

• Solution-driven advocacy

• Advocating elected officials vs. appointed officials

• Lessons from a 1960’s radical  

• Social Media is so overrated

• Fundraising and advocacy- why cost accounting is essential

• How the 2020 elections impact your advocacy/fundraising

• Where fundraising and advocacy meet

• Anti-advocacy lies and the lying liars that tell them

• Bandwagoning – the smartest way to work



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