We are so proud of the success of Sedona Wolf Week and we love it when guests, speakers, volunteers and sponsors let us know they feel the same.

"Thank you for putting on such an amazing event! I am truly inspired to take action for our wildlife! "

"I highly recommend the VIP pass. I knew I wanted to go “all in” for this event. There was nothing I felt I could or wanted to miss. So, when I ran the numbers, the VIP seemed like a no-brainer. I didn’t realize I’d get such a huge swag bag, and I didn’t realize how special you’d all make me feel. Everything from front row seats to meeting the pack to free drinks to an amazing magic show and dinner. I’m glad I played those cards right!! "
K. Yehling

"We had such a great time.  I'm so glad we made the trip. My husband really took a lot away from all of the speakers. I think he may even become an active advocate. I was happy to be able to have the VIP All Access Pass, not having to worry about the little details was a nice touch. Thanks for offering it. Keep up the good fight!"
K. Welch

"Last week was truly one of the best conferences I've ever been to. Thanks again for all your work to bring it together. "
K. Combs

"Last year, I went to Sedona Wolf Week. I was inspired by spending the week with extraordinary people who were out there doing everything they could to help protect wolves. The 06 Legacy nonprofit was founded from that inspiration. I knew it was my time to rise and do my part. I hope you can join us and find where your inspiration will lead you. "
Karol Miller, Founder, The 06 Legacy

"You put together a world class event with speakers from  a wide range of knowledge and perspectives. From Carter's in-the-trenches story of capturing the Canadian wolves in 1995 in -52 weather, Rick McIntyre's (Yellowstone Rock star) subsequent care and tracking of the packs, and Rick Lamplugh's narratives, my daughter and I were glued to the edges of our seats. Only later did i realize how fortunate we were to have those people in person! "

"Bringing in Joe and Hillary was brilliant - it was great to hear from their perspective as ranchers and think there's a real opportunity for a "predator friendly" beef and lamb marketing campaign, similar to the "grass fed" campaign. I don't personally eat beef or lamb, but would like to support ranchers who understand and respect our ecosystem."

"I've never been to a conference where my heart soared to such great heights and depths as it did when I learned about killing contests and the deaths of key pack members in Yellowstone. Yet you all were able to inject levity and ending the week with Steve's magic show was a perfect ending to a very intense week."

"You are the real deal and I'm proud to call you my friends!"
Patricia Dillon

"I really loved the event this year.  Thought everything was great...of course, I LOVED the private session with the pack but really loved the speakers."
B. Schlenoff

"I found the VIP Pass to be a great benefit, if I had to run out during the breaks, I could just walk back in before the speakers began. Didn't have to pick and choose events almost everything was included. People were more likely to say something to you and a conversation easily started. Thank you for the great idea."
Pat Berry

"We are truly honored to be part of Wolf Week every year! THANK YOU for including us, and CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderfully-successful event! We are so proud of you!"
Patrick Schweiss
Executive Director, Sedona International Film Festival

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