What is Sedona Wolf Week?

Sedona Wolf Week was created in 2016 with the objective of changing the way the world sees wolves, to dispel the myths, generate awareness and create advocates through multiple educational mediums as well as interaction with the Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack.

Since then Sedona Wolf Week has evolved to include all wildlife with an emphasis on the wolf as the keystone species. This evolution is a direct result of the growing momentum currently happening across the US and around the globe where people are remembering their connection to all things wild and advocating for their protection and conservation.

Sedona Wolf Week includes:

  • Feature films and documentaries
  • Call of the Wild art for advocacy project  and other art exhibits and workshops
  • School presentations and a children’s specific program where they can interact with the Ambassador Pack
  • World renowned speakers and their presentations are free to the public
  • Co – Existence Panel and workshop bringing ranchers and advocates together
  • Opportunities to socialize with the Ambassador Pack
  • Advocacy workshops and guest speakers/trainers
  • Closing night entertainment which in the past has featured America The Band and magicians of Hollywood Magic Castle fame

The event is co-presented by Apex Protection Project and Plan B to Save Wolves. Revenue generated from the event is divided equally between the two organizations to further their mission of education, rescue and advocacy.

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