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What is Plan B?

Plan B to Save Wolves began with an audacious idea. Recognizing that many grass roots advocacy organizations operate on a shoestring budget Founders Betsy Klein and Timon Pratt saw a void that they could fill: Leveraging their combined professions experience would make a much-needed difference by empowering multiple organizations, organizations that rescued wolf dogs as well as advocated and educated people about the wild wolf.

However, in just a very short period of time, Plan B’s services and capabilities quickly expanded in scope. So much so we are asked often “what is Plan B?”, “What does Plan B do?”

The short answer? Plan B | CARES.

CARES stands for Community, Advocacy, Rescue, Education and Sanctuary, the five core areas in which Plan B currently operates.

C = Community

In all its endeavors where appropriate, Plan B partners and collaborates with local organizations, businesses and schools.

Their latest project brings communities together through a collaborative art project.

Call of the Wild Mural

Plan B created the Call of the Wild art for advocacy project in which the community creates the art. The mural is a traveling public art installation about protecting wolves, wildlife and the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Individuals from the community paint, draw and write their messages of support for wolves, the ESA and all things wild. The intention is for the mural to grow and travel throughout the U.S. with its final destination our nation’s Capital.

Wolf silhouettes serve as “panels” to the mural and will be added as it travels, growing into a meaningful, impactful expression of humanity’s need to reconnect to nature. The silhouettes of the “wolves” were created by renowned eco-political artist Lauren Strohacker who is partnering with Plan B on this project. More information and how you can help can be found here.

A = Advocacy

Plan B to Save Wolves works tirelessly on advocacy issues related to wolves and all things wild.


Plan B to Save Wolves created I AM WOLF NATION® a virtual organization that creates action alerts when action is needed on wolf and wildlife issues. It is intended to be an informative, action-oriented website, sharing articles, press releases and media alerts from all other organizations.

Making History

The Plan B team was a key member of a core team of people who made history when Arizona became the 4th state in the nation to ban wildlife killing contests. The rule passed unanimously by Arizona Game and Fish and the Governor’s Regulatory Review Committee which bans killing contests for all predators and fur bearers in Arizona.

With this success the team formed Protect Arizona Wildlife (PAW) to continue to address advocacy issues with wolves and wildlife in Arizona specifically. Plan B is also continuing to work with the banning of killing contests on a national level as well as addressing Wildlife Services reform and other wildlife related issues.

R = Rescue

Too often wolf dogs need to be rescued however the funds are not always readily available. Wherever possible, Plan B to Save Wolves will fund and fundraise for specific rescues to help with transport, medical care, new enclosures and more to ensure the rescue is a success. These smaller rescues can range from one to ten wolf dogs and the requests for funding for these situations are frequent. Read the heartwarming success stories and find out how you can help on Plan B’s donation page.

E = Education

Educating the public and generating awareness of the plight of the wild wolf is essential to their survival. Plan B contributes in many ways to support this effort.

Sedona Wolf Week

Sedona Wolf Week, co-founded and co-produced with Apex Protection Project, is an annual event, created for the purpose of changing the way people see wolves, dispelling the myths and creating advocates through education.

Recognizing people learn in different ways, the event includes a diverse program of films, speakers, wolf socials with the Apex Ambassador Pack, children’s specific program, art programs, music and more.
Other educational efforts include an anti-trapping billboard in Montana, the Wild & Scenic film festival and smaller events throughout the year. Betsy is also available for speaking engagements for schools, business and social groups and organizations.

S = Sanctuary

In 2018 Plan B to Save Wolves co-led an epic rescue of 185 wolf dogs from High Desert Wolves (HDW). The situation was dire as the county intended to euthanize all of the wolf dogs at HDW, regardless of age, due to a violation of a public nuisance ordinance.

Within the time frame allotted, all HDW dogs were saved with the help of many organizations and individuals. The initial rescue may be over; however, Plan B continues to work with those who took in the dogs.

The wolf dogs were rehomed in many locations across the country with the majority of them going to Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary. Plan B has adopted Eagle Tail and works with them on a continuous basis to ensure high quality care for the rescued HDW wolf dogs. From purchasing food, medical needs and ongoing infrastructure needs, Plan B works hand in hand with Eagle Tail’s founder Kelly Reed. A significant portion of donations to Plan B fund Eagle Tail.

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