We are protectors. We are a voice. We are Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs.

Plan B to Save Wolves is the last line of defense for wolf dogs who have no place to turn. Since its origin in 2016, Plan B works diligently to provide emergency funding services to wolf dogs who need a second chance at life. Assisting in transportation, medical costs, nutrition and wellness, and other essential life-saving services, Plan B is a lifeline for wolf dogs who need help the most.

And we don't stop there.

With the current challenges of exotic pet ownership and the plight of wolves in the wild, we focus on educating the public by providing the latest information through multiple communication channels. In addition, we bring the experts together and extend opportunities for advocates to get involved and impact issues critical to the protection of wolf dogs and wolves.

The last line of defense for wolf dogs in need. A voice for the voiceless. Protectors of wolves.

An organization truly unique to its kind, Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs, was established to assist wolf dogs in need of rescue and educate the public on the plight of wolves in the wild and the challenges of the exotic pet industry. Plan B's efforts have helped empower people to share their voice for wolves and have led to many petitions, phone calls, letters, education sharing, and more—all vital actions for preserving such a majestic but often misunderstood species across the nation.

Plan B to Save Wolves and Wolf Dogs has since co-established the annual creation of Sedona Wolf Week—a multi-day event in partnership with advocates Apex Protection Project on connecting renowned wolf experts directly with the public and providing them with current information on critical topics within the wolf world.

Read more about Plan B, the rescues funded, and how you can help at www.PlanB.Foundation

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