The Susan Weidel Tribute Award Nominations are Open.

At Sedona Wolf Week 2019, the first annual Susan Weidel Tribute Award was given to the woman who shares its namesake, Susan Weidel. The award honored Susan’s years of profound efforts in advocating on behalf of wild wolves, educating people about wolf dogs, rescuing hundreds of wolf dogs as well as other dogs, and her direct contributions to W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado.

Nominations for The Susan Weidel Tribute Award 2020 are now open. Please review the criteria below, and if you know someone who should be honored, please use the attached form to submit for consideration.

Nominees should have excellence in:

  • Recognition of work in to rescuing e and saving the lives of captive-born wolves and wolf dogs;
  • Acknowledgment of the intrinsic value of these animals;
  • Commitment to public education on the plight of wolves and/or wolf -dogs – both in the wild and/or captive-born;
  • Commitment to advocacy on behalf of wolves and/or wolf-dogs – both in the wild and/or captive-born;
  • Recognition of the crisis in the exotic animal trade by unscrupulous breeders and unqualified owners and a commitment to finding solutions to end the brutal mistreatment of these animals.

Nominations must be received by October 30th. The committee to review all nominations includes the co-founders of Sedona Wolf Week and Susan Weidel.


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