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Be a part of Sedona Wolf Week 2021!

As a Partner of Sedona Wolf Week, you will have the opportunity to place your products and services in front
of a large audience of educated, eco-friendly, socially-conscious participants. SWW began in 2016 and has
grown significantly in just three years. The typical attendee is female (70%), 50+ in a higher income bracket
($100k+). The event also attracts parents with children 12 or under with the children’s specific program and
school presentations. Attendees have traveled from all over the country, as far away as the East Coast and
even some international travelers. This year with the event being virtual we are truly #GoingGlobal !

SWW provides a variety of partnership opportunities, each offering unique ways for your company to
participate, network, and share your message with our audience. Please take a moment to take a look at all
we offer and I think you'll agree - partnering with Sedona Wolf Week in 2021 can help you reach a market
eager to know more about your product or service, while showing the world your commitment to make a
difference for wolves, wildlife and the environment.

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